For Students in Year 7 to Year 12
Discover the WACE success strategies that have helped 63% of our students score an ATAR of 90 and above.
In this live webinar, memory guru and learning strategies expert, Dan Dobos, shares the key study strategies that helped him go from scoring B's and C's in Years 10 & 11, to scoring a final ATAR of 99.25.
WACE Success Live Webinar

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The webinar will be held on Zoom. It runs for 1 hour with a Q&A session at the conclusion. Further details will be sent via email to registered attendees.
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For Students in Year 7 to Year 12 You Will Discover
  • The single biggest mistake students make during study time… and why it's so important you don't fall into this trap too.
  • The 7 key strategies used by top-performing WACE students to beat other students and achieve top ATAR scores.
  • The 5 Memory Principles you can use to learn and recall information for any subject… from facts and data, definitions, formulae and lists through to English quotes and foreign languages
  • 2 powerful yet simple effects discovered by researchers into the human brain which you can use to shorten your study time, and still get more done than ever before… effects which most ordinary students don't even know exist!
  • How to stop procrastinating in 10 seconds… we've all done it but now you can eliminate this time waster and get to work on that crucial homework assignment.
  • How to get motivated to study... even if you really couldn't be bothered!
And much more!

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What Our Students Say

Excellent! Not only did I enjoy every minute of it, but since I have completed this seminar - my marks have risen by at least a whole grade

- Brendan Eames-Mayer

I picked up so many new skills at this seminar. It was fantastic! It was practical, involved the students and it taught us skills that we will sustain over many years to come. Thanks!

- Christine Diamond

At the start of VCE, I did not know how to approach my studies. After this, I realised there was an easy way to study. I became more confident and achieved an ATAR of 96.0

- Chris Macdonald
Dan's Story
Discover an Easier Way to Succeed in WACE
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